Welcome to Revolutionary Service Inc Concessions, where we are revolutionizing the fun foods you eat at the fair.  Our stands serve up the foods you hear everybody talking about and we are famous for doing what they say cannot be done.  Some of our recent creations include Chocolate Covered Bacon, Deep Fried Butter, and our Gigantic 5lb Mexican Funnel Cake that is so big we will give it to you free if you can eat it by yourself.

Our new creations for 2011 are Chocolate Covered Corn Dogs and Beer Battered Bacon (deep fried of course)

Come visit us at the San Diego County Fair June 8th-July 4th.

Why we are the best

Unique and Superior Products

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Experienced and Professional
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Custom Night-Signage: A variety of LED, Neon, and fluorescent lighting help us serve your patrons effectively and safely. For more about how we may serve you click here.